January 8, 2017

Board Members Present:

  • Chuck Mason
  • Mitch Maniccia
  • Sarah Dibble
  • Betsy Kavanagh
  • Tim Donovan
  • Peter Cramer

Board Members Absent:

  • Marty Hahn


  • Joe Sarnicola, Curtis Peterson
  • Call to order 5:05
  • Motion to approve minutes by Betsy, second by Pete, unanimous
  • Motion by Chuck to vote on slate of officers, Second by Betsy
  • Slate of officers:  Nominations- Mitch Maniccia as Chair, Sarah Dibble as Secretary, Elizabeth (Betsy) Kavanagh as Treasurer, and Peter Cramer as Vice Chair
  • Unanimous vote electing slate of officers
  • Motion by Tim to vote in new members Joe Sarnicola, and Curtis Peterson, second by Betsy. 
  • Unanimous vote selecting new members
  • Bylaws to be emailed to everyone- look over by next meeting- will update as needed in February
  • Treasurers report:  Directors and Officers Insurance new quote $615- motion by Chuck to accept and pay new insurance fee, second by Betsy, unanimous
  • Now that Elizabeth (Betsy) is Treasurer, will have to go to Thompkins and get put on account
  • Budget Vote in March
  • Permaculture Park Update: Have held meeting to decide on plan for the future of the park, looking for more members for the planning of the park
  • Tim made a motion to have a presentation on the Casey Park playground project at the next meeting, second by Betsy, unanimous
  • Next meeting Monday February 12, 2018 @ 5:00 in City Hall
  • Motion to adjourn at 6:00