Jan. 30, 2023

Auburn Beautification Commission 

Monday, January 30

Present: Sarah Dibble, Claire Lovell, Sue Secaur, Chuck Mason, TIm Donovan

Call to order at 5:03

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • December 31, 2022, there was a balance of $17,084.15.
    • There was a check for $1,050 for Tarjack, the sign place, for the two more gold & blue signs and the reinstalled Seward House Museum sign.
    • Another $650 for the annual insurance to Chubb, an affiliate of Tompkins.
    • Another check for $110 to Custom Accounting Services for bookkeeping.
    • The city will give us another $5,000 in July.
  • 2023 Budget
    • $2,000 for administration and insurance
    • $2,000 to the annual downtown flowers
    • $2,100 for seven more historical markers
    • $2,000 for Earth Day and Historical Marker Clean up Days
    • $1,900 for other, miscellaneous events
    • Sarah makes a motion to approve this budget.  Tim seconds.  All approve.
  • Our website used to be hosted by David Homick.  The website is now hosted by Dan Lovell, but the domain registration was not changed over to ABC’s credit card yet.  Sarah will update the domain registration as soon as the credit card is set up.
  • Earth Day will be Saturday, April 22 at 10 am
  • Location
    • We’ll focus on both sides of the river near the dam
    • The one side of the river on Miller street is a mess
    • We can also expand down toward Buonocore Park
  • Promotion
    • Chuck’s secretary has the flier from last year that she’ll edit
    • Tim suggests calling Kelly from The Citizen, hopefully beforehand.  Tim volunteers to contact Kelly.
    • Claire will post something on Facebook
  • Coordination of other groups:
    • Tim will contact Grace House / Unity House
    • Sarah will contact the NHS contact at the high school
      • Chuck notes that the 10th grade class officers from last year, who would now be 11th grade class officers, wanted to be contacted early
    • Sarah will also email Julie Liccion, the advisor for Z club
    • Sue recommends Kim Rossi, who lives near Hoopes Park and often does clean up on her own.  
  • Sue will look into what it would take to do another public art mural
  • Claire hasn’t been able to get in touch with Pete Cramer about the Permaculture Park.
  • The Reuse/Refuse shop owners (Amanda Carnicelli and Lucy _) were in the last tree planting session, and they might be involved in the Permaculture Park.  Tim will try to recruit them to ABC.
  • Sue will find someone to write a press release about the renovated historical markers.  We’ll try to get it published before National Historical Marker Day, April 28.  We’ll also get volunteers to wash down the signs.
    • Chuck will reach out to some places to claim a sign to clean up and take pictures for posting online.
    • We want the cleaning to be done on that day.  Sue will reach out to the Montessori school for them to do the three markers, and maybe the Fort Hill one, all on that block.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00