Nov. 21, 2022

Auburn Beautification Commission

November 21, 2022 at Auburn Memorial City Hall

Present: Chuck Mason, Sue Secaur, Claire Lovell

Call to order at 5:01

  • Bulb planting
    • Next year, need more volunteers
    • Chuck suggests Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts
    • Claire’s planted a few daffodils around the Boyle center, and about 50 at the Barber Street playground (“Cottage Place”).
    • We still have 250 large daffodils, 50 petite daffodils, and 10 snowdrops.
    • Maybe near the State street welcome to auburn sign
    • Sue will look near railroad crossings and the median near Herman school.
    • Mill Street near the dam.  Claire will look.
    • Maybe next year we could work with Walt Aikman to plant bulbs with the trees
    • At St. Francis playground, the brand new planted trees could each be ringed with daffodils. Sue and Claire will work on that on Underwood Street. 
  • Public Art
    • Sue suggests a mural for the YMCA building on the Westlake side.  However, it’s privately owned. 
  • Historical Markers
    • The Seward House marker from 1956 will be $450.
    • Chuck posted the three most recent renovated markers on Facebook.
    • We’ll make a point of cleaning in the spring for National Marker Day, the last Friday of April.
  • No meeting for December
  • Next meeting is January 23rd at 5 pm