Oct. 17, 2022

Auburn Beautification Commission

October 17, 2022 at Auburn Memorial City Hall

Present: Sarah Dibble, Chuck Mason, Sue Secaur, Claire Lovell, Tim Donovan

  • Call to order at 5:33
  • Social media
    • Chuck, please add Claire.  He’ll look into it but his personal account was hacked.  Sarah’s only an editor so she can’t.
  • Treasurer’s report (Chuck)
    • No new checks
    • Sarah and Chuck will go to the bank to remove Joe as Treasurer
    • Sarah will go to the bank and order another debit card.
  • Permaculture Park
    • Claire had emailed Pete a few weeks ago about the permaculture park and what he’d like done while he’s overwhelmed with work and life. He wrote back:
      “Anywho… I would LOVE some help at the park and would love to show anyone interested what needs to be done down there.  Something we have to do asap is trim the willows.. it’s pretty easy, and mostly self-explanatory but should probably be gone over together for the first time.  One of our core members was maintaining it quite well since it was planted but in the past year I think she’s has to take another job (at least I know that she took additional work and I think that’s what has gotten in her way).  Maybe some time in the next couple of weeks some of us could meet for an hour or two and work on that?  And then we could talk about what else needs to be done down there?”
    • Sue and Claire will make a date with Pete
  • Bulbs
    • Claire will order that today
    • Sue suggests a mix of Narcissus (Daffodils) and tulips of different colors
    • When the bulbs arrive, Claire will send out an email to get help with planting:
      • Claire mentioned the BID sign near St Mary’s but Sarah reminded her that there was a netting there that prevented bulbs from being planted
      • Wall Street playground, suggested Sue
      • Tim suggested the triangle on Lincoln Street
  • City DPW Projects (Chuck)
    • Owasco River sign
    • Welcome to Auburn sign; did they replace the W on Lake Ave?  If so, can they do the N on the route 38 sign.
  • Website
    • Claire will update the website with current minutes
  • Meeting adjourned at 5:59