Nov. 15, 2021

Auburn Beautification Commission

November 15, 2021 at 5 pm at City Hall

Present: Glenn Thomas, Chuck Mason, Sue Secaur, Sarah Dibble

Call to order at 5:03

  • Planting
    • Sue and Sarah planted crocuses at Seminary Park
    • Claire planted crocuses along the North Street Cemetery
    • We need to identify some other places to
    • We can also plant our daffodils, grape hyacinth, and snowdrops around the BID sign on Clark Street.  The BID has already planted some nice bushes and mulches a garden there, but the flowers will add nice color.
    • Glenn recommends planting crocuses around Clifford Park. 
    • Sue recommends lily of the valley, which spreads nicely and smells good.
    • Freedom Park could use some flowers in the grass but Chuck notes that the BID will be adding abstract art (thanks to DRI money) there.
    • Claire suggested the space between the arterial halves, but Chuck notes it is privately held.
    • Bradford Street playground is still under construction.
    • We could add flowers near the Welcome to Auburn signs.
    • We could add crocus at St Francis Playground, behind NYSEG, near Underwood Street. 
    • We could also add crocus at the Columbian Playground.
    • We could also add crocus around the cross at Pomeroy Park.
  • Solar lights
    • We should remove the solar lights at Genesee Street, Lake Ave, and Franklin/Fulton spots.  They can be housed at Sarah’s house for the winter.
    • Glenn has volunteered to take those out.
  • Project ideas
    • The new Fire House has some slight landscaping, but the firefighter memorial will move up to that location.  They’d like to leave green space plain for public events.
  • New Members
    • Sue has a friend, Mike Novak, who might be interested in helping us do planting.  Hopefully we can entice him to join.
  • ABC Recognition Awards
    • The group discussed developing ADT-sized yard signs to hand out and take pictures, recognizing beautiful spots in Auburn.
    • We could take nominations. 
  • BID Window Art
    • The BID is hosting their annual window art contest.  Claire will take pictures of the art as it comes out and send it to Sarah for the social media accounts.
  • Motion to adjourn at 5:45

Next meeting: Monday, December 20, we’ll meet at Prison City at 5 pm