June 22, 2021

Present: Dan Orzechowski, Glenn Thomas, Joe Sarnicola, Claire Lovell, Sarah Dibble, Pete Cramer

  • Call to Motion at 5:31pm
  • Approve Previous Meeting’s Minutes
    • Delaying until next month for access to minutes
  • Park Pick Up Day was successful
    • It was very well received, although we got a lower turnout than for the Earth Day park pick up.  There was a lot less to do than we had anticipated.
    • A Montessori school picked up a few days earlier and a Verizon group did it a few weeks earlier.
    • It was also flower planting day, which attracted 60 other volunteers.  It was Westminster’s volunteer day.  It was great to have us represented and seen alongside the other groups.
    • The City got in to clean up the cross and it looks great.
    • We should get our schedule planned ahead of time and posted broadly for best promotion.
  • Lake Ave Welcome Sign
    • Someone (a vigilante?) weeded the garden.
    • Sarah will ask the tech ed teacher at the high school if he can fabricate something to replace the W in Welcome.
  • Fitch Ave Entrance to Fort Hill Cemetery 
    • Someone asked Joe if we could adopt the Fitch Ave entrance to the cemetery. However, they do have paid staff and it’s private property.
  • Website
  • Budget Update – Joe
    • We got a $5 donation from Amazon Smile
    • We spent $23 on supplies for Park Pick Up Day
    • Current balance of $504.08 with a check to come from the city, we hope.  Chuck will investigate.
  • Next Riverwalk Pick Up Days
    • Chuck has already seen lots of trash piling up.
    • Chuck suggests we replace our July meeting with a pick up event with ABC members: July 13 at 5:30.
    • Chuck will make it a Facebook event.
  • Finger Lakes Art Council Project: Casey Park Figures
    • Not many volunteers appeared for the June 11 & 12 work days.
    • FLAC will set up a table at downtown festivities (like Tomatofest) for people to donate and have their picture taken with the figures.
  • Scarecrow Contest
    • Sarah will focus on this and ask Batavia how they did it.
    • We can shoot for the weekend two weeks before Halloween: October 16.
  • Social Media & Promotion
    • We need to remember to take before and after pictures for small projects like weeding and mulching.  Claire weeded the garden on South St in front of Wilds, and Joe mulched the whole garden at the Genesee St Welcome sign.  If we promote these small deeds, we might get more volunteers and/or donations.
  • Bulb Planting
    • We’d love to plant bulb flowers! 
    • Snowdrops and crocuses would be especially great.  They can be planted in the grass and they’ll die away before anyone has to mow.
    • Pete asks which park or playground could use the flowers, since there are dozens of parks.  
    • Sarah could post a poll in the “If You’re From Auburn…” Facebook group asking where we should start. 
    • Claire will send a list of parks with suggestions to Sarah.
  • Historic Markers
    • Glenn’s going to try working on the Military Depot sign.  
    • Chuck notes that another guy paints the whole thing blue and then paints the raised section yellow with a sponge roller.
    • Chuck suggests checking out Real Deals dollar store for wire brushes and things like that.
  • Dan’s Farewell
    • Dan is moving to Buffalo at the end of July!  Congratulations!
  • Schedule next meeting Tuesday July 13 , 2021 @ 5:30 pm at the riverwalk dam on the bridge.
  • Sarah made a motion to adjourn at 6:04.  Pete seconded. All approved.

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