May 11, 2021

Present: Dan Orzechowski, Glenn Thomas, Joe Sarnicola, Claire Lovell, Sarah Dibble

  • Call to Motion at 5:32pm
  • Approve Previous Meeting’s Minutes
    • Glenn made a motion to approve and Dan seconded.  All approved.
  • Budget Update – Joe
  • Finger Lakes Art Council Project: Casey Park Figures
    • Got a truck and moved the figures to Willard Chapel.
    • There will be an article in the newspaper on Sunday 
    • Work day planned: June 12, 11 am to 2 pm
  • Website Discussion
    • Claire talked to Dave Homick but he was on vacation, so she doesn’t have the FTP information yet.
    • Dan will forward Claire the login information
  • Social Media Update – Dan/Sarah
    • Dan posted pictures on Facebook and got some traction
    • Everyone should send pretty pictures of Auburn to Dan
  • Earth Day Event Overview
    • At least 60 volunteers, including city councilmembers, county legislators, city workers, and the whole modified field hockey team from AHS.  
    • 2,210 pounds of trash were picked up. 1,600 pounds of yard waste plus 8 tires and some shopping carts.
    • Sarah has hundreds of pictures on her phone from the event.
    • Dan let the Citizen know about the upcoming cleanups.
    • Tim has the signup sheet from Earth Day.
  • ABC Park Pick-up day: Saturday May 22, 2021 9am Veterans Park
    • Will need tools from Permaculture Park, so Sarah will ask Pete for them.
    • Would like to get another group photo… Please try and attend!
    • Sarah or Joe will get bottled water.
    • Sarah will resend to the school district and National Honor Society.
    • Joe will check to see if we need more mulch for the Welcome to Auburn sign near Hoopes Park on Genesee.
    • It’s also the Day of Service, which includes the BID planting (hanging flowers around downtown), Veterans Cross cleanup, and Westminster Church picnic at 11 am.
    • Sarah will bring a table, bottled water and a sign up sheet.
  • Other Business
    • Historic Markers
      • Glenn is interested in repainting historic markers.  He asks for funding or supplies directly: metal brush, sandpaper, and paint.  He got the specific details for paint from the Pomeroy foundation. 
      • In particular, he wants to work on a Lake Ave sign.
      • Glenn will buy the supplies and ask for reimbursement (estimated at less than $50).  
      • Sarah makes a motion to approve the funding and Joe seconds.  All approved.
    • Welcome to Auburn sign
      • The W is missing from the Lake Ave “Welcome to Auburn” sign
      • It’s made out of plastic (not wood) so Sarah will ask the tech teacher to see if a new one can be 3D printed. 
    • Vigil for Hunter Hanmore
      • Hoopes Park at 8 pm on Wednesday night
      • Celebration of life on Saturday, May 15 at 3 pm at Sennett Fire House Hall
  • Schedule next meeting Tuesday June 15 , 2021 @ 5:30 pm – Zoom?
  • Sarah made a motion to adjourn at 5:57.  Glenn seconded. All approved.

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