April 13, 2021

Present: Sarah Dibble, Tim Donovan, Chuck Mason, Joe Sarnicola, Claire Lovell

Excused: Dan Orzechowski, Glenn Thomas, Pete Cramer

  • Call to Motion at 5:35 pm
  • Approve Previous Meeting’s Minutes
    • Chuck made a motion, Sarah seconded, all approved.
  • Budget Update – Joe
    • $55 spent this month for the accounting firm
    • Bank balance is $8,959.76
  • Social Media Update – Dan/Sarah
    • Facebook has done well with the pickup day on April 24.  Over 4,000 views on our Facebook page have come up as a result of the pickup day.  Sarah has put it out to the high school and will send it to the National Honor Society.
    • Chuck’s drone video (thanks to the Auburn PD!) has been wonderful to help promote the Earth Day pickup day.
    • Website Discussion
      • Our website was down for a week this month.  Sarah found the man (Dave Homick) who hosts the site and pays for the domain registration.  He’s no longer an Auburnian and isn’t interested in building a new site for us.  We pay him $110 per year.  
      • Dan Orzechowski and Claire Lovell both volunteered to build a new site for ABC.  Claire’s husband, Dan Lovell, could host (Code Munkeys), for the same price or less.
    • Tim reached out to Chris Molloy and asked for photographs for the sake of social media.  Chris was very accommodating and sent many photos over, which Dan and Sarah were able to use on Facebook. 
  • Earth Day Event reminder: Saturday April 24, 2021 10am Mill Street Dam
    • All hands on deck!  We’re going to get an updated group photo and distribute ABC polo shirts.
    • Mike and the city guys will be there to pick up the trash bags.  April 24 is also the city cleanup day at the dump.
    • 18 people are marked as going on the FB event.  128 people are “interested.”  We may see a few dozen people.  We need to be prepared with bags and gloves, although people were told to bring their own rakes and gloves.  Joe will do an inventory of supplies.  Chuck recommends buying enough bags for a few pickup days all at once, available this weekend so we don’t run out.  Sarah will bring some lawn bags, too.  
    • With more people, we can spread out farther.  Optimally, we’ll go from the dam to the Market Street Park, and maybe over to the opposite side toward Owasco Street.  
    • Sarah will bring a table and a sign-in sheet (for ABC promotions and COVID contact tracing if needed).  
    • Chuck invited Sarah to the City Council meeting on Thursday, April 22 at 5 pm to accept the Earth Day Proclamation.  Sarah will bring a single student.
  • ABC Park Pick-up day: Saturday May 22, 2021 9am Veterans Park
    • Chuck will ask his colleague Rhonda to update the posters for the May 22 event, to be shared after the April 24th event. Chuck will send it out to ABC members.
    • The City always throws the Arbor Day logo on park pickup posters for the sake of future Arbor Day Foundation grants. 
  • Casey Park Plywood Figures Update – Sarah
    • Sarah had met with Jeffrey Pirrozolo for another reason, and they discussed the figures.  Pirrozolo called Joe and Joe is picking them up on Friday.
    • Chuck makes a motion to proceed with the project and get the figures restored through the Finger Lakes Art Council for the suggested $400.  Sarah seconds.
  • Photo Contest – Sarah
    • Can anyone make a flyer for this?
  • Other Business
    • Claire shared The Lorax Project | “I Speak for the Trees” Grant Program information, which is $150 toward Earth Day kinds of activities.  Sarah will share the grant opportunity with students in the climate group at the high school.
    • The “Welcome to Auburn” sign near the high school is missing its W.  It might cost up to $100 to have a replacement W created.  Sarah will ask the AHS tech teacher, Justin, to look at it.  If that falls through, Chuck will find someone.
    • Chuck was invited to a meeting lately about a large Lowe’s grant that would require far more expertise and time than ABC has, so he declined on behalf of ABC.
  • Tim will continue reaching out to the church group that routinely participates in the park pickup day.
  • Claire asked if there’s a water hookup near the Wilds’ garden.  Tim will ask the owner for help getting water.
  • Schedule next meeting Tuesday May 11, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – Zoom
    • The first Tuesdays at 5:30 seems to work for most members.
  • Adjourn 
    • Tim makes a motion to adjourn.  Joe seconds. All approve.