December 14, 2020

Members Present: 

Mitch Maniccia

Joe Sarnicola

Sarah Dibble

Dan Orzechowski

Chuck Mason

Peter Cramer

Members Absent:

Tim Donovan  

Glenn Thomas


Claire Lovell

  • Call to order at 5:05 pm
  • Motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting made by Joe, seconded by Dan, unanimously approved

Slate of officers 2021-2022 – To be officially approved at January meeting

Chair: Sarah Dibble

Vice Chair: Peter Cramer

Treasurer: Joe Sarnicola

Secretary: Claire Lovell

  • Motion to approve the slate of officers made by Sarah, seconded by Joe, unanimously approved

Budget Update

  • Review of 2021 – 2022 proposed budget
  • Suggestion of possibly delineate General Project’s line per project
  • Current balance $10,199.90
  • Motion to approve proposed budget made by Sarah, seconded by Dan, unanimously approved

2020 Projects

  • Casey Park Project – Plywood figures – Joe in touch with Finger Lakes Arts Council and AECSD Superintendent Jeff Pirrozolo, about restoration of figures and display all over city

Permaculture Park Update

  • Signs done for park – Pete and Walt to install
  • Black Walnut tree in park – oldest in county – city repaired split in tree using flexible webbing
  • Living Willow Art – project funded by CBDG

2021 Fundraising

  • Could we explore Community Block Development Grant projects?

2021 Potential Projects: Review & edit current list

  • Clean-up nature trail in Flemming/Dunning Ave
    • Clean-up West-End of Genesee Street
    • Clean- up of Y-Fields
    • Do something with Arterial – Near Mark’s/Byrne Dairy – possible clovers, snowbells, cherry trees
    • Planting at the triangle at the welcome to BID District – near St. Mary’s
    • Clean Cross @ Veteran’s Park
    • Tulips or Snow Alyssum @ Veteran’s Park
    • Assist with funding/installation of Harriet Tubman Mural (on side of Nolan building)
      • Mitch reached out to his connections in Dorchester County in Maryland (who had funded a Harriet Tubman mural there), who pointed him to some funders of that area.  He referred Laurel to the same kind of funders around here.
    • Adopt the corner flower garden in front of Wild’s on Genesee St. 
      • Claire did some guerilla planting of clearanced plants (rhododendrons & azaleas) and discovered that the garden bed is only 2-3 inches of dirt on top of a mound of large rocks.  Chuck noted that the
    • Look into Historical Signs repainting
    • Casey Park plywood figures
  • Routine riverwalk cleanup
  • Chuck proposes doing something with the Bonacore park across from Wegmans on the corner of Loop Road and Genesee Street.  CBDG funds were used for this park, like removing diseased trees and adding nice park furniture.  This park is part of the revitalized river trail.  This would tie in well with the river clean-up in the summer of 2020. 
  • The same will be true once the State Street Bridge is done; that area will need to be cleaned up next summer.  We could also review the Market Street park area, the Freedom Park, and through the Mill Street dam.
  • Chuck proposes a routine clean up schedule to do 3 or 4 clean up sessions each summer. 
  • Gary Oliver, a local volunteer, personally took care of the Market Street park this year, and it looks nice. 
  • Annual Park Pick-up Day

Other Business

  • Farewell Party? Mitch declined via email.  The group thanked Mitch for his years of great leadership.  ABC was the first community group he joined when he moved to Auburn in 2015 (and the first one he’s chaired since).
  • Joe mentioned that there are some things (Lowe’s card contact, nonprofit tax paperwork, etc.) that will have to be worked out for the transition from Mitch to Sarah.
  • Next Meeting Monday, January 11th at 5 pm via Zoom (rescheduled for Tuesday January 19)
  • Motion to adjourn made by Joe, seconded by Mitch, unanimously approved.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:05