November 16, 2020

Members Present: 

Mitch Maniccia

Joe Sarnicola

Sarah Dibble

Chuck Mason

Peter Cramer

Tim Donovan   Glenn Thomas

Dan Orzechowski


Claire Lovell

Julie Liccion

  • Call to order at 5:05 pm
  • Introduction of Guests – Julie Liccion & Claire Lovell
  • Motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting made by Tim, seconded by Sarah, unanimously approved

Budget Update

  • Total project money spent $7,460
  • Joe to send out 2021 budget proposal for next meeting
  • Perhaps search out other sources of funding

2020 Projects

  • Casey Park Courtyard project was SPECTACULAR.  With assistance from Julie Liccion, the Auburn High School Z-Club and National Honor Society, with Auburn Alumni Jake Coleman
    • Cleared out weeds
    • Marked out path
    • Took down outdated plywood characters
    • Laid down landscapers cloth
    • Filled in with mulch in flower beds and rubber “chips” along path
    • Assembled and installed 3 picnic tables

Permaculture Park Update

  • Pete meeting with Walt Aikman to install signage out of reclaimed wood

2021 Projects Possible Ideas

  • Clean-up nature trail in Flemming/Dunning Ave
  • Clean-up West-End of Genesee Street
  • Clean- up of Y-Fields
  • Do something with Arterial – Near Mark’s/Byrne Dairy – possible clovers, snowbells, cherry trees
  • Planting at the triangle at the welcome to BID District – near St. Mary’s
  • Clean Cross @ Veteran’s Park
  • Tulips or Snow Alyssum @ Veteran’s Park
  • Assist with funding/installation of Harriet Tubman Mural (on side of Nolan building)
  • Adopt the corner flower garden in front of Wild’s on Genesee St. 
  • Look into Historical Signs repainting

Other Business

  • Possible Grant from Cornell – Feasibility Study – Sarah to follow-up
  • Possible fundraising ideas:
    • Holiday event
    • Scarecrow Contest
    • Shoveling Event
    • Showman Contest
    • Sell blackberries & or batches of trees – Cayuga County Water & Soil
  • Sarah to create ABC Instagram & Twitter account – maybe appoint Social Media Specialist?
  • Mitch to step down as chair.  Recommend’s Sarah, but of course this needs to be approved in January
  • Motion to adjourn by Sarah, seconded by Mitch, unanimously approved. 
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm
  • Next meeting Monday December 14, 2020 @ 5pm via Zoom