July 27, 2020

Members Present: 

Mitch Maniccia, Joe Sarnicola, Sarah Dibble, Peter Cramer

Members Absent:

Tim Donovan, Chuck Mason


Glenn Thomas, Dan Orzechowski

  • Call to order at 5: 15 pm
  • Tim unable to join, no internet for zoom meeting
  • Unable to approve minutes from last meeting, do not have quorum

Budget Update

  • Accountant fees, General projects fund
  • Bank AGAIN charged $5 fee
  • Current balance $14,069.17

2020 Projects

  • Franklin St median maintenance – Sat June 27, 2020 @ 3:30 – cleanup/weeding, schedule second date for planting – something full sun, weather hearty
  • Hoopes park summer/fall cleanup, maintenance and planting – possibly mums- Sarah to follow up with Seamus Rhodes park manager
  • Welcome sign Rt. 38 and Seward Park sign – Chuck said city workers will paint w/in next month-ish

Permaculture Park Update

  • Starting installation of living willow structure – dome already taking form, volunteers needed
  • Still working on sign installation

Other Business

  • Stop emailing Tina P. and Frank M.
  • Possible trash pick-up @ River walk/ Market Street Park
  • Possible sign on Dunning Ave
  • Other ideas??
  • Motion to adjourn by Sarah, seconded by Pete, unanimous approval, meeting adjourned at 5:55pm
  • Next meeting Monday August 27, 2020 @ 5:00 pm. Zoom link to be emailed by Sarah