May 4, 2020

Members Present: Mitch Maniccia, Joe Sarnicola, Sarah Dibble, Chuck Mason

Members Absent: Peter Cramer, Tim Donovan

Call to order at 5:00pm, Mitch has spoken with Tim he is doing well, but busy- we are worried about Pete?? Pete are you ok?

Update Senior Signs- donated $500 – lawn signs will be placed all along front of AHS yard with pictures of each senior and their name

Budget Update

Did we receive a “990” from the business place (who does our taxes- I didn’t catch sorry) – a Budget snapshot – Joe to look into

Joe able to sign into Bank – Finally

Bank AGAIN charged $5 fee

Question why we are using this bank – maybe Auburn Federal Credit Union

2020 Projects

Park Pick-up day:  CANCELLED 😢 due to NY Pause and social distancing, city cancelled all May events

Market Street Park – possible benches or picnic tables, Hanging flowers

Franklin Street Median – we were going to meet with current “caretakers” at March meeting, but it was cancelled

Planting of summer flowers after tulips peak at Hoopes Park- daffodils coming in, tulips coming in slowly

Franklin Street Median

Upkeep “Welcome to Auburn Signs” – including one on State Street & 38?

Unfortunately Projects ON HOLD until NY Pause lifted

2021 Projects

Planters on Owasco River new “overlook”

West-end Beautification – extend beyond downtown to city limits

Other Business

Motion made by Chuck to make annual $2000 donation to BID “Flower Power” planting for city wide flower pots, 2nd by Sarah, Unanimous

Chuck showed us all how to change Zoom background and that Auburn Equal Rights Heritage made “Auburn” images free to use

Motion to adjourn by Sarah, seconded by Joe, meeting adjourned at 5:57pm

Next meeting Monday June 1, 2020 5pm  hopefully it will be in person!!  Details to follow