April 13, 2020

Members Present: 

Mitch Maniccia, Joe Sarnicola, Sarah Dibble

Members Absent:Peter Cramer, Chuck Mason, Tim Donovan

Guest: Frank Manc

  • Call to order at 4:05,  Introductions
  • Unable to approve minutes from previous meeting as did not have quorum

Budget Update

  • Again received $5 debit card fee.  Joe to follow-up with bank.  Current balance – $17,006.07 – Joe to send Budget update


  • Discussion about request for proposals, shared on various Facebook pages.   Discussed cleanup of cross @ veterans park. Mitch to follow-up with Tim Locastro and gentlemen from Nick’s Ride

2020 Projects

  • Park Pick-up day:  Changed date to May 16th due to NY Pause and social distancing
  • Market Street Park – possible benches or picnic tables
  • Franklin Street Median – we were going to meet with current “caretakers” at March meeting, but it was cancelled
  • Planting of summer flowers after tulips peak at Hoopes Park- daffodils coming in, tulips coming in slowly
  • Unfortunately Projects ON HOLD until NY Pause lifted

2021 Projects

  • Planters on Owasco River new “overlook”
  • West-end Beautification – extend beyond downtown to city limits

Permaculture Park Update

  • ●      Image Agent payment went through, signs going in.  Word is “they look good”
  • Motion to adjourn by Sarah, seconded by Joe, meeting adjourned at 4:59
  • Next meeting Monday April27, 2020 @ 5pm ZOOM MEETING!!!!!!