November 18, 2019

Members Present:  Mitch Maniccia, Joe Sarnicola, Sarah Dibble

Call In: Chuck Mason

Members Absent:  Peter Cramer, Tim Donovan

Call to order at 5:02

Motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting made by Sarah, seconded by Joe, unanimous to accept

Discussion as to when members voted onto commission, to determine their term expiration dates.  

Joe: voted on 2017, term to end 2023  

Chuck: voted on 2015, term to end 2021 

Mitch: voted on 2015, term to end 2021

Sarah: voted on 2017, term to end 2023

Tim: ?? voted on 2017, term to end 2023

Pete: ???

Sarah recapped Red Ribbon planting event- great success- 20ish SADD and CCDFC volunteers.  Possibly continue next year

Sarah to send a request for volunteers for board members to Citizen


Sarah to send Thank you letter to Westminster Church

Joe to draft a prelim budget and send out via email for approval

To be discussed next meeting/via email Permaculture park signage update

Discussion re: Table at Winter Market December 8th at ERHC – decided against – no one can volunteer Sundays and we have no product to sell

Discussion re: Table at Ignite the Winter (may possibly be held at ERHC) – thoughts on what to sell/give away – possibly cups of soil/seeds

Next meeting Monday December 16th @ 5pm @ AT Wally’s Holiday Gathering

Meeting adjourned at 5:46