June 11, 2018

Board Members Present:

  • Mitch Maniccia
  • Sarah Dibble
  • Betsy Kavanagh
  • Tim Donovan
  • Joe Sarnicola
  • Curtis Peterson
  • Chuck Mason

Board Members Absent:

  • Marty Hahn
  • Peter Cramer
  • Call to 5:00
  • Motion by Chuck to approve last months minutes, seconded by Curtis, unanimous
  • Harriet Tubman Statue Project:
    • All ABC members voted in favor of clay model for Harriet Tubman Statue Project- Hanlon Sculpture Studio LLC can continue work on statue
    • Second check sent to sculptor
  • Conflict of Interest statements signed- Mitch to take lead on Board Binders
  • Budget update
  •  Added a line for Harriet Tubman Sculpture Project
    • Bid Check went out
    • Added line for Park-pickup day supplies
    • Added line for liability insurance
  • Questions regarding Medians- sign/artwork
  • Increase social media presence
  • Time/Joe to work on Brochure
  • Motion by Betsy to Change/Cancel July meeting, second by Tim, unanimous- next meeting August 13, 2018
  • Motion to adjourn by Curtis, seconded by Betsy, unanimous,
  • Adjourn at 5:50