December 12, 2017

Board Members Present:

  • Chuck Mason
  • Mitch Maniccia
  • Sarah Dibble
  • Betsy Kavanagh
  • Tim Donovan
  • Peter Cramer

Board Members Absent:

  • Marty Hahn


  • Joe Sarnicola
  • Call to order 5:07
  • Motion to approve minutes by Mitch, second by Betsy, unanimous
  • Hestia creations fundraiser follow-up: possibly something to think about for 2018 fundraiser
  • Tim shared that we were approved for the “Jeans Friday” fundraiser for the Cayuga County employees.  We will need to create a flyer with ABC logo and a brief statement that would be posted in all county buildings for the month
  • No response to Marty Hahn as an advisory member
  • Treasurers report: Re-uping directors & officers insurance for $715/yr .  Question about general liability insurance for $176/yr.  Most likely to come out of permaculture park budget
  • Current assets $22109.41
  • Permaculture Park: nothing new to report
  • Heard from five people interested in joining board as a result of citizen newspaper article, hopefully will join us at the January Meeting
  • Slate of officers:  Nominations- Mitch as Chair, Sarah as Secretary, Betsy as Treasurer, and Pete as Vice Chair
  • Voting to take place at January meeting
  • Discussion of possible Memorial day parade float
  • Motion to adjourn at 5:53