November 14, 2017

Board Members Present:

  • Chuck Mason
  • Mitch Maniccia
  • Sarah Dibble
  • Betsy Kavanagh
  • Tim Donovan

Board Members Absent:

  • Marty Hahn
  • Peter Cramer
  • Call to order 5:07
  • Mitch received email from a Mark Bellnier who is interested in joining the ABC board,
  • Betsy has a colleague Ray Richardson who is also interested in joining the ABC board
  • Both will need to submit resume and letter of interest
  • Mitch received an email from a Hestria creations, possible fundraiser
  • Design Connect Initiative thru Cornell- provides services and support for groups like ABC.  Just missed 2018 deadline, something to keep in mind for 2019
  • Treasurers report-nothing new to report
  • Permaculture Park report- nothing new to report
  • NYCON Rep- Sent a powerpoint about how to add board members- going to have a facebook post, citizens post and craiglist post advertising for new board members
  • Historical marker survey- things still in the works- will know more in the future
  • December meeting- per bylaws, selection of officers, then voted on in January meeting
  • Possibly hand out flyers/brochures at Ignite the winter- Tim going to look into redoing the brochures
  • Tim going to look into having ABC as a business/charity of the month for city’s Jeans Friday donations
  • Next meeting Tuesday December 12th @ 5pm at City Hall
  • Motion to adjourn 6:00